Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How to Get Rid of Cats From Your Property

Getting rid of cats from your property can be very simple, you don't have to harm the cat, a one time effective treatment and the cat will never return again. Their are many products available to stop cats from entering your property, these include motion activated water sprinkler, if a cat hates anything more than a dog, it's water.

A dog is another obvious choice, unless you don't like dogs, then this may not an option. Dogs are the arch enemy to the cat, everyone in the world knows that once a cats being chased by a dog, it will never return to that area again.

Kittens Cats

Plants may not be an obvious choice as a cat repellent, but some plants like the Coleus Canina actually work as an effective barrier against cats. The Coleus Canina emits a foul smell thats cats don't like. This can work great, but unless you plant a lot of these over a large area, this choice of repellent can be inafective.

How to Get Rid of Cats From Your Property

Lion Poo, is also supposed to work as an effective treatment. I know it sounds crazy, but this can actually work. Lots of Zoos will let you take this away for free, with some charging a very small amount of money. I suggest that this might be a last resort, it sounds very extreme, but in some cases where people have tried everything and nothing has worked, this might be their only chance of getting cats out of their property.

Their are many chemical products that can be purchased from many online retailers and local pet shops, this also maybe a last resort. If the cat is your neighbors, this might cause some friction between you and them, so please take caution when using any non natural products.

How to Get Rid of Cats From Your Property

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